Every model of condensate separator will successfully remove:


  • Mineral lubricants
  • Synthetic lubricants
  • Stabile condensate emulsions
  • Polyglycol, Roto-Inject, Sigma Mol

AVG Oil/Water Separator 2

Part number 6100-036-AA

Part number: 6100-036

  • Ideal for small, compressed air applications: Max compressor capacity 2m³/min (70cfm)
  • No separate replacement elements making servicing a quick and clean process
  • The AVG Oil/Water Separator 2 does not incorporate a settling reservoir (no bacteria growth)
  • Relevant fixings and installation bracket for wall mounting included
  • Test valve and sample bottle to test oil ppm residue included as standard

AVG Oil/Water Separator 3.5

Part number 6100-037-AA

Part number: 6100-037

  • Max. compressor capacity 3.5 m³/min (125 cfm)
  • Max. oil adsorption in the elements is 4 litres
  • Simple, fast and clean installation and maintenance procedure
  • Fixing bracket for wall mounting optionally available
  • Test valve and sample bottle to test oil ppm residue included as standard


AVG Oil/Water Separators 5-60

AVG Oil Water Separator 5 – P/N 6100-038-AA
AVG Oil Water Separator 10 – P/N 6100-039-AA
AVG Oil Water Separator 20 – P/N 6100-040-AA
AVG Oil Water Separator 30 – P/N 6100-041-AA
AVG Oil Water Separator 60 – P/N 6100-042-AA

Note: For larger capacities (up to 360m³/min.) apply the AVG DISTRIBUTOR

  • Five models covering up to 60 m3/min compressor capacity offering sizing flexibility
  • Element life indicator, offering you a visual indication of the element life status
  • Simple installation and maintenance procedures
  • Sectional service draining options during servicing
  • Multiple condensate inlets with brass inserts for hard piping installations
  • Large 1” output capacity
  • Test valve and sample bottle to test oil ppm residue included as standard
  • Service packs available

AVG Distributor

Large compressor systems might require two or more oil/water separators to be installed to match the total compressor capacity of an installation. To connect the oil/water separators together and to ensure an even distribution of condensate into the oil/water separators, you will require the AVG Distributor.

The AVG Distributor ensures an equal distribution of the condensate into the oil/water separators and the elements are subsequently saturated evenly.

AVG Service Packs

The clever lubricant adsorbing elements of the AVG Oil/Water Separators are designed to perform in the widest range of applications.

The chosen element fibres have been specially selected and treated to maximise its supreme adsorbing performance.

The AVG Oil Separator elements have been designed into a multi-stage configuration, offering an increased filtration efficiency and easy servicing procedures.


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