Tyre Shop Case Study: Econotires, Miami USA


About the customer

Econotires is a family-run specialist tyre shop in Miami, Florida, who pride themselves in knowledge of everything tyre related, including tyre maintenance, repair and replacement.

Project Background

For around 20 years, this family run business had consistent issues at the tyre shop with water coming into their compressed air lines. This was causing a range of issues, for instance, water was damaging specialist equipment like tyre machines, as well as causing a reduction in the life cycle of air guns and other pneumatic equipment.

Prior to installing Expel, Econotires were spending a substantial amount of money on regular filters including water separators, particle filters and coalescing filters which were proving ineffective and expensive.

“I had about 5 regular filters and I’ve spent about $100- $130 each one.” Matt Monte, Tyre Shop Owner, Econotires

Considering this hefty price tag, we were horrified to hear that Mr Monte’s still had water problems because of inadequate filters. Mr Monte decided it was time to explore other solutions to this costly problem.

Other solutions Matt explored amounted to even bigger price tags, and the shop was quoted with thousands of dollars’ worth in equipment and repair costs.

“People were quoting us thousands of dollars in repair costs and well as proposing the installation of a whole new air compressor system.” Matt Monte, Tyre Shop Owner, Econotires.

Why did Econotires choose Expel?


“This single Expel unit was able to do the work of all 5 filters combined. This one filter did the job of everything, right now it’s powering my entire warehouse. For the money, and for an all-in-one piece, the price is crazy, it’s almost a given. Thank you so much.”

Fortunately, Expel was able to help before Econotires spent thousands of dollars unnecessarily and made the informed decision to install the Expel compressed air filter.

EXPEL is a high efficiency compressed air filter which utilises science and engineering so that the performance of Expel does not drop over time and remains 99.999% efficient, it never needs maintaining and protects your equipment to a superior standard.

“The price that Original AVG are offering for this tiny little filter, that does the job of thousands of dollars’ worth of equipment is just incredible, I mean incredible, I’m really astonished by it”.

We are so glad that we were able to help Econotires, now we want to help you make substantial savings too! Here at Original AVG we are great believers in value for money, if you are paying continual costs for inadequate water traps, particle filters and/or coalescing filters, or if you are replacing tools and equipment far too often, spending far too much money on running a dryer or receiving countless problems with water in your compressed air lines, we can help!


Reduces Downtime

Reduces Costs

Reduces Maintenance

Protects Equipment


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