Food and Beverage Industry Case Study: Murphy and Son Ltd

Murphy and Son Ltd eliminate the effects of water in compressed air by installing the revolutionary Expel filter.

“We used to get water after the old filter; we’ve had none since installing your Expel.”

Matt Fawsitt – Engineering Manager – Murphy and Son Ltd

Project Background

At Murphy and Son’s Nottingham site, the company has a dedicated brewery area. Brewing beer on-site allows the company to learn how to optimise the process and provide technical support and guidance to clients. 

Engineering Manager Matt Fawsitt identified moisture in the compressed air system as being a cause of production downtime. The pneumatic equipment inside the blender was a significant concern as it was experiencing faulty operation and damage because of moisture in the compressed air. Moisture is a considerable problem because when brewers add yeast to the mash and the blender does not turn, not all the sugar in the mixture turns to alcohol. Therefore, when the fermentation process starts, the mixture will not ferment properly and is no longer usable. Furthermore, the cost of production downtime because of the effects of water in compressed air was substantial for the site. When the blender was not functioning correctly, it took a day of labour to rectify any damage. Therefore, the site must protect the blender against compressed air contaminants to avoid problems with production downtime and product wastage.


Why did Murphy and Son Ltd choose Expel?


The site has a brewery in operation to continually learn how to make the brewing process as efficient as possible. Expel has made compressed air filtration far more efficient. Traditional compressed air filters contain disposable mesh or sponge-like internal elements which trap compressed air contaminants like liquid water. However, these elements gradually become less effective over time, and they can never guarantee that pneumatic equipment is fully protected. In contrast, Expel offers a highly innovative approach to compressed air filtration. Rather than using poor-quality filter elements, Expel’s internal element uses physics to force contaminants like liquid water, oil emulsion fluids and solid particulates out of the filter. These contaminants are then immediately discharged into an AVG Auto Drain. Because Expel does not retain contaminants and can continually remove these impurities without maintenance, its efficiency remains at 99.999%. These features make Expel more efficient than any other compressed air filter.

By guaranteeing equipment protection at all times, the blender has not experienced any damage caused by moisture in the compressed air system since installing Expel.


Reduced downtime

Reduced maintenance

Reduced costs

Increased efficiency


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