Aggregate Industry Case Study: Tarmac, Tunstead Cement Plant and Quarry

Expel compressed air filters have stopped issues caused by oil emulsion fluids, liquid water and solid particulates at Tarmac’s Tunstead Cement Plant.

Project Background

At the Tarmac Tunstead site, oil emulsion fluids in the compressed air lines were causing issues with the pyrometer readings. Pneumatic pyrometers monitor the temperature of the conveyor belts transporting the lime across the site. If the temperature of the conveyor belt gets too high, this is considered a severe fire risk. 

Therefore, the pyrometer must function correctly and provide accurate readings so that the workforce can react accordingly if the temperature exceeds what is considered safe. Moisture, oil emulsion fluids, and solid particulates in the compressed air system cause damage to pyrometers, causing inaccurate and false temperature readings. Therefore, pyrometers must have the best possible protection against these harmful substances.


Why did Tarmac choose Expel?


Site safety is a prime concern for Tarmac. Simon Hackney, the plant’s reliability systems engineer, wanted to install a solution that would drastically improve the accuracy of the pneumatic pyrometers and thereby enhance safety measures. Expel was the solution of choice for several reasons. Firstly, Expel has gained a reputation of excellence amongst many other Tarmac sites and comes highly recommended. Many sites have found that Expel is a quick and straightforward way to reduce equipment damage and downtime. These recommendations derive from the fact that conventional compressed air filters are known all too well for not becoming less effective with use, leading to imminent failure. Therefore, pneumatic equipment can be left vulnerable to harmful compressed air contaminants.

Unlike any other compressed air filter, Expel can continually remove 99.999% of all liquid water, oil emulsion fluids and solid particulates all in a single unit. Compressed air filters traditionally have saturable internal elements that absorb or trap compressed air contaminants. Expel can guarantee such a high-efficiency rate because instead of using traditional disposable internal components, Expel uses physics to discharge the impurities through an AVG auto drain. Therefore, Expel is the perfect way to remove oil emulsion fluids down to 1 micron immediately before the pyrometer. Furthermore, no replacement filter elements, maintenance, or ongoing costs are required.


Increased site safety

Reduces downtime

Reduced costs

Reduced maintenance


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