The benefits of EXPEL

The world’s first cleanable and reusable compressed air filter

compressed air filter

Requires NO replacement filter elements • No maintenance cost • Requires NO mains power

No Downtime

Money Saving

Improved Performance

Effective Solution

The EXPEL compressed air filter stops downtime and equipment failure that is caused by air contamination. Replaces several conventional filters, removing water, oil and 1 micron particulates. All in one filter.

In every industry, using compressed air, there is a desperate need for clean and dry air, simply because wet and contaminated compressed air damages crucial pneumatic components, not only causing valuable downtime but also huge expense that could have been avoided, with a simple yet effective solution… a solution we call EXPEL.

Removes 99.999% of particulates
to 1 micron
Achieves clean air by removing a significant percentage of solid particulates from the air. Protects equipment from a build up of solid contaminants that can cause blockages and damages.
Low pressure drop across unit Reduction in energy usage and more efficient compressed air usage. Reduction in energy costs due to the compressor not having to work so hard to maintain system pressure.
Removes 99.999% of all liquid water Achieves liquid free, dry air. Protects tools and equipment from water ingress, corrosion and expensive maintenance and repair costs as a result of this.
Combined removal of liquids and particulate contaminants from one filter Can replace up to 3 traditional compressed air filter devices with one single unit. Initial purchase costs and lifetime operation costs reduced.
Internal filter can be removed, cleaned and refitted. No replacement filter elements required, and reduced wastage. Significant cost savings that are commonly associated with replacement filter elements and labour.
Manufactured from Stainless Steel 304 Highly robust, durable and corrosion resistant material. Suitable for a number of specialist applications, within industries such as medical, food and beverage, offshore oil and gas etc.
Easy to dismantle Allows routine maintenance and cleaning to be undertaken with ease, within minimal downtime or disruption. Saves time associated with regular maintenance where required and allows for ease of removing any blockages that may occur from debris within the air system. The element does not require replacement
No direct power source required Allows installation where electrical power sources are unavailable. No electrical energy costs associated with the operation of the unit
Pressure indicator fitted as standard Provides a clear visual indication when the unit is under pressure Acts as a warning not to open the pressurised vessel for health and safety benefits. Unit cannot be opened when more than 0.5 bar pressure is applied.
Quick locking coupling between head and body Ease of opening / closing and locks unit when under a minimum 0.5bar pressure Prevents the unit from being opened when under pressure
Designed and Tested to ISO12500 Standard Latest ISO standard, specifically for Compressed air filtration, as opposed to ISO8753 which is developed to assed the air quality of a complete system. Meets stringent testing standards for the quality and performance of compressed air filters



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