Food and Beverage Industry Case Study: Nutrition Group Plc.

"We finally have no water going to the guillotine. It is an excellent product."

Chris Kosolowski – Bar Line Production Manager – Nutrition Group Plc.

About the customer

Nutrition Group Plc is a global supplier to the dietary supplements market. Manufacturing a range of vitamins, minerals and supplements, supplying the VMS, Sports Nutrition, Animal and Beauty sectors, the Group’s large client portfolio includes major high street retailers, blue chip pharmaceutical organisations and many other leading brands. Over the years the Group has grown to become a renowned and trusted British manufacturer on an international scale.

Project Background

After installing a brand new pneumatically operated guillotine machine to cut the energy bars being produced, traditional compressed air filters were purchased and installed to protect the £20,000 piece of equipment. However, these traditional filters were like all other filters on the market and made from perishable and saturable inner materials that become less and less effective at removing liquids and solid particulates as they are used.

Soon enough the inevitable happened, and compressed air contaminates (water and particles) were passing through the filters and causing incredibly expensive damages to the guillotine. In particular, the cylinder on top of the machine that presses the energy bars with positive air was rapidly becoming marked by wet and dirty air. Considering the notable investment in this new piece of equipment, it was imperative that Nutrition Group Plc took action and installed a solution that would truly protect their expensive equipment from damaging liquids and solid particulates.

Why did Nutrition Group Plc choose Expel?


EXPEL is a high efficiency compressed air filter which utilises science and engineering so that the performance of Expel does not drop over time and remains 99.999% efficient, it never needs maintaining and protects your equipment to a superior standard.

After hearing about the exciting money saving and equipment protecting qualities the Expel compressed air filter can offer, Bar Line Production Manager Chris Kosolowski was quick to take action and decided to install Expel. Mr Kosolowski was truly relieved and impressed with the performance of Expel.

Install a solution that really works, install Expel.


Reduces Downtime

Reduces Costs

Reduces Maintenance

Protects Equipment


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