Mining and Metal Manufacturing Case Study: Syspal Ltd

By guaranteeing continual protection against compressed air contamination, Expel saves Syspal tens of thousands of pounds!


“The air dryer broke down, and there was lots of water in the system, and this [Expel] definitely saved the company a lot of money.”

Rob Pooler – Maintenance Engineering Manager – Syspal Ltd.

Project Background

When compressed air dryers break down, large volumes of liquid water can infiltrate the compressed air system, which causes extensive damage to pneumatic equipment. The site recently installed a new 15kW laser cutting machine. Moisture and dirt can easily damage the laser head, making it critical that the site install the best possible protection against compressed air contamination. A damaged laser head leads to expensive repair costs. For example, the site reported that a replacement head for a 4kW laser cutter costs approximately £21,000. Therefore, the maintenance engineering manager knew that damage from contaminants to the 15kW laser cutter would have even more significant financial consequences.

Syspal had also been experiencing issues with the deburring machine caused by moisture and dirt in the compressed air lines. The air jets on the machine are sensitive to moisture and dirt, and failures are highly inconvenient. When the machine experiences a failure, a service engineer has to come out to rectify the problem and replace any extensively damaged parts. Meanwhile, the machine’s job needs to be done by the workforce. Therefore, compressed air contamination greatly hindered the efficiency of the site.


Why did Syspal choose Expel?

“The directors are very happy”

Rob Pooler – Maintenance Engineering Manager – Syspal Ltd.

Expel protects the deburring and laser-cutting machines to the highest standard. Since installing Expel, neither machine has experienced any problems with liquid water, oil emulsion fluids or solid particulates.

Conventional compressed air filters contain disposable internal elements that reduce performance over time, can never guarantee complete protection against contaminants, and generate ongoing costs through replacement filter elements. Therefore, the maintenance engineering manager wanted a fail-safe product that always protects pneumatic equipment fully. Expel was the perfect solution. Expel offers a revolutionary approach to compressed air filtration. Instead of using inadequate disposable filter elements, Expel contains a filter element designed to use physics to direct the contaminants out of the unit and into an automatic drain. Expel’s internal filter component never needs replacing, nor does the performance diminish with use. Expel is built to last, which is reinforced by the 10-year manufacturer’s warranty we offer on every Expel unit.



Reduced costs

Increased site efficiency

Reduced maintenance

Reduced downtime


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