AVG Auto Drains

AVG Auto Drains are essential accessories for Expel compressed air filters to function correctly. Other applications for our Auto Drains include use on air receiver tanks, drip legs and dryers.

AVG Electronic Timer Drain

This auto drain is robust, reliable and can be used for a variety of applications. The AVG Electronic Timer Drain can withstand airlines where both dirt and rust are present.



automatic float drains

Part numbers: 380VAC (6100-078-AA), 230VAC (6100-073-AA), 115VAC (6100-074-AA), 24VAC (6100-075-AA), 24VDC (6100-076-AA), 12VDC (6100-077-AA)

Pressure range: 0-16 bar

Supply voltage options: 12-380VAC/DC

Ambient temperature: 1-55°C

Timer cycle range (on/off): 0.5-10 seconds / 0.5-45 minutes

Test feature: Yes

Valve type: 2/2 way, direct acting

Valve orifice: 4.5mm

Inlet/outlet connections: 1/2″ BSP

Serviceable valve: Yes

Valve housing material: Brass (stainless steel available)

Air Receiver Tank

AVG Float Drain

This simple and effective auto drain can be used in a whole array of industries. The AVG Float Drain can be used in environments where dirt is present in the compressed air lines.

Part number: 6100-084

Pressure range: 0-10 bar

Valve Orifice: 3mm

Test Feature: Manual Drain Valve

Operating temperature range: 1.5-65°C

Weight: 0.6 kg

Largest Discharge capacity (at 7 bar): 400 l/h

Inlet/outlet connection: Rc ½”

Dimensions: 134x108x180 mm

Type: Ball float drain

Serviceable: Yes

Includes: “Anti-air lock” vent tube

AVG 37

AVG 37 is the ultimate auto drain for the harshest conditions. This auto drain can withstand extreme volumes of rust and dirt without getting blocked and clogged.

Part Numbers: 24VDC (6100-079),

230 VAC (6100-080),

115 VAC (6100-081)

Pressure range: 0-40 bar

Supply voltage options: 24VDC, 115VAC and 230VAC

Medium temperature: 1-60C°

Timer cycle range (on/off): 7 seconds to 15 minutes ON / 4 minutes to 24 hours OFF

Timer cycle indication: Bright LED illumination, LED program indicator

Test feature: Yes

Valve type: 2/2 way, motorised ball valve

Valve orifice: 12mm

Valve seals: FPM and Teflon

Inlet/Outlet connections: 1/2“ BSP

Serviceable valve: Yes

Valve housing material: Brass nickel plated, ball valve stainless steel


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