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Original AVG is a division of Original Ltd. which focuses on providing innovative engineered solutions to the compressed gases or vacuum filtration market.

Our engineering expertise includes computational fluid dynamics, mechanical and electronic design, development and manufacture. We aim to provide costs effective solutions to the challenges and problems faced by many.

Our company mission statement of Quality, Reliability and Innovation applies to all of our divisions, products and services.

Take a look at our video page

We have produced a number of videos featuring our range of products from the Expel unit and the Autodrain.

We have also produced a number of videos in a variety of languages, including French and German.

"The moment I saw EXPEL I fell in love with it... I thought, this is what the industry needs."

Bruce Somerville, UK Sales Manager, Rema Tip-Top

"EXPEL has had a big impact on our business. It's greatly reduced the water and it's greatly reduced the maintenance costs of the fitting machines."

Trevor Standeven, General Manager of Lodge Tyres

"Extremely satisfied... extremely. This little, tiny filter that does the job of thousands of dollars worth of equipment is incredible. I'm really astonished by it."

Matt Monte, Econotyres (owner) Miami USA

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