Expel continually removes 99.999% of ALL liquids and solid particulates down to 1 micron

The Expel requires no replacement filter elements and has been manufactured so it is built to last to keep ongoing costs and wastage to a minimum


Reduces Downtime

Reduces Costs

Reduces Maintenance

Protect Equipment

Traditional filter vs Expel






Reduced efficiency

over time?



Pressure bar drop

0.5 bar (average) which increases with use

0.1 bar (consistent)

Frequency of part replacement

3-12 months


Maintenance required?





10 years


We have gathered feedback from our existing customers across a variety of industries, so that you can have honest opinions about the effectiveness and quality of Expel.

EXPEL range


We have several Expel models with different technical specifications to suit your specific site set up, why not take a look at our Expel specifications page to find out which Expel will work best for your application?



With every Expel purchased we recommend that one of our state-of-the-art Auto Drains is attached to the Expel unit. All of our drains are automatic, corrosion resistant, easily maintained and do not require electricity to operate.

"The moment I saw EXPEL I fell in love with it... I thought, this is what the industry needs."

Bruce Somerville, UK Sales Manager, Rema Tip-Top

"EXPEL has had a big impact on our business. It's greatly reduced the water and it's greatly reduced the maintenance costs of the fitting machines."

Trevor Standeven, General Manager of Lodge Tyres

"Extremely satisfied... extremely. This little, tiny filter that does the job of thousands of dollars worth of equipment is incredible. I'm really astonished by it."

Matt Monte, Econotyres (owner) Miami USA

“We install Expel before every valve and solenoid, in the past we put them just after the compressor but now we know where to put them and how to get the best efficiency out of them. We didn’t know anything about Expel and usually we don’t buy new products to try, but we decided to trial Expel because you gave us one and knew if it wasn’t effective, we could just send it back… But Expel has made our system a damn lot better.”

Stephen Jones - Workshop Manager of North East Breedon sites

“Expels were put into protect a bitumen selector valve and air controlled dust valve that suffered from water damage. We now have no issues and are extremely happy with Expel.”

Jason Fairbrother – Asphalt Plant manager – Tarmac – Mountsorrel Asphalt Plant

“We had problems with dampness getting into the solenoids, so it was causing them to stick which causes problems with bin doors opening so it would cause loss of production. We looked at a dryer but the Expel was much more competitive and you didn’t have the running costs of electricity and servicing costs, so it was much more efficient. We found expel very efficient, we are very pleased with it we would recommend it”

Stephen Harrison – Production Manager – Breedon – Crime Rigg Concrete Plant

“I am very happy with Expel, I would highly recommend Expel and I have been recommending it to other sites too”.

Steve Pointon, Operations Manager


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