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I truly love the EXPEL filter and truly believe it works well and continues still to do so to this day… I have yet to have water in my air lines at my tire shop. Thank you so much for your time, patience and EXPEL.”

Matt Monte, Econotires, Miami, USA.

Water in your airlines? EXPEL solves problems with water in Tyre Shops compressed air lines

Compressed air is widely used throughout all Tyre Shops. Temperature change across the workshops often mean that significant volumes of water are seen in the compressed air system and airlines.

As this water enters the machines and tools in the shop, it will lead to poor performance, equipment failure, downtime and unnecessary costs.

Some key examples of challenges faced with water in compressed airlines are noted below:

  • Water in Tyre Changers can cause significant damage, particularly in the bead-breaker cylinders. It will quickly cause internal corrosion and seal failures leading to improper performance, repair costs and downtime. 
  • Water in lines that are used to operate Hand Tools, such as impact wrenches, can wash out lubricants that are needed for proper operation. This will lead to internal corrosion and seal failure resulting in repair costs, or complete replacement.
  • Water in equipment can freeze in the colder weather. Freezing water expands, and it is very common that Hand Tools will crack as a result of this, causing irreparable damage.
  • Some Vehicle Lifts rely on pneumatics for operation of the locks. Water in the lines can lead to improper operation, especially in winter months where the water can freeze. This could become a health and safety risk.

Installing an EXPEL filter at point of use protects equipment and stops issues like those above from arising. Correctly positioned, an EXPEL will guarantee that ALL liquid water along with ALL solid contaminants down to 1 micron are cost effectively removed from the compressed air. This prevents operational downtime and will eliminate any maintenance and repair costs as a result of water in your air system.

The EXPEL is a completely unique product that combines the roles of both a water separator and a particle filter into one cleanable, reusable unit. This means that one EXPEL can actually replace up to three conventional style filters.

No replacement filter elements are required, essentially making EXPEL a Fit & Forget product.

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