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I truly love the EXPEL compressed air filter and believe it works well and continues still to do so to this day… I have yet to have water in my air lines at my tire shop. Thank you so much for your time, patience and EXPEL.”

Matt Monte, Econotires, Miami, USA.

Water in your airlines?

The EXPEL point of use compressed air filters solves the problem of water in tyre shop airlines

Compressed air is used extensively throughout all tyre shops to operate important tools and equipment. Due to the fluctuations in temperature across workshops, it can often lead to significant volumes of water in compressed air systems causing avoidable equipment damage and downtime, expenditure and inconvenience.

Original AVG have designed and manufactured an air compressor inline filter that solves the problems associated with water and particulates in compressed air lines. An EXPEL filter can completely eradicate the need for a refrigerant dryer, saving you ongoing energy and maintenance costs.

Even though Filter Regulator Lubricator (FRL) set ups have a filter, these filters are made of perishable internal materials that quickly become saturated, ineffective and need replacing. This results in unnecessary maintenance, hassle, wastage and costs.

Problems faced by the tyre industry with water in compressed airlines include:

  • When filling tyres with compressed air, it creates moisture in the tyre which causes the tyre to expand and contract when exposed to different temperatures
  • Tyre Changers failing
  • Improper operation of pneumatic Vehicle Lifts
  • Tyres may give a low pressure reading on a cold day, but a more stabilised reading as the temperature increases. This makes it difficult to calculate a baseline reading when filling tyres with compressed air. Moisture in filled tyres can also be dangerous during temperature fluctuations and they can expand rapidly and unpredictably.
  • Water causes significant damage, particularly in the bead-breaker cylinders inside of the Tyre machines. Water will quickly cause internal corrosion and seal failures leading to improper performance, repair costs and downtime. This can cause rejection on warranty claims.
  • Water prevents proper operation of the locks on vehicle lifts especially in winter months where the water can freeze. This could become a health and safety risk.
How can Expel help?

At Original AVG our dedicated team have created a solution that addresses the problems that tyre shops have been having with their compressed air lines.

Original AVG have designed and manufactured the EXPEL filter. This easy to fit air compressor inline filter continuously removes ALL liquids from compressed air systems, as well as solids down to 1 micron and the internals of the filter never need changing. The result is no more equipment failure or downtime because of wet and/or dirty air.

Expel offers a bespoke approach to compressed air filtration. It is the only compressed air filter that can separate liquids and solid contaminants from a compressed air line with zero maintenance. We are aware that during routine inspections our customers may want to inspect Expel, so we have designed Expel so it can easily be dismantled, cleaned and reassembled. Additionally, we have designed Expel with the concern for wastage in mind. Our Expel filter requires no replacement filter elements and has been manufactured so it is built to last and is corrosion resistant to keep ongoing costs and wastage to a minimum.

Take a look at what some of our customers think about our Expel filter:

“The price that Original AVG are offering for this tiny little filter, that does the job of thousands of dollars worth of equipment is just incredible, I’m really astonished by it.”

Matt Monte

Owner, Econotires, Miami, USA.

“I’d recommend Expel to anyone who has fitting machines, MOT bays, or anywhere you have got compressed air lines” and pic of expel in use at lodge tyre.”
Trevor Standeven

General Manager, Lodge Tyres

Want to know more about how Expel can make your company more efficient?

Take a look at the brochure below to find out more information about the problems an Expel air compressor inline filter can solve, installation guidelines and frequently asked questions. Alternatively, feel free to contact us directly for more information.

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