Solving condensate issues within the foundry environment

Compressed air is an expensive but essential utility for casting foundries. Due to the fluctuations in temperature across foundries, this often leads to significant volumes of condensate (liquid water or oil /water emulsion) contaminating compressed airlines.

This condensate enters pneumatic equipment, and often leads to equipment failure or unsatisfactory performance. This consequently means refinishing, reworking or even recasting may be required resulting in production downtime, equipment maintenance and repair costs.

Some key examples of challenges faced with water in compressed airlines include the following:

  • CNC milling and grinding machines are very sensitive to water and particles in airlines
  • Water in blow lines used for blowing out moulds will sit on the surface of the sand.
  • Pneumatic tools in the fettling shops experiencing seal failures and internal corrosion
  • This causes cylinder, valve or actuator failures internally within the machinery. This results in immediate downtime of the equipment.
  • This will expand once molten metal comes into contact with it, creating a ‘pit’ or deformation in the face of the casting. Re-casting is often required in this event, wasting time, money and resources.
  • Costly repairs or even replacement may be required, therefore causing a drastic reduction in the life cycle of tools.

How Expel can help Foundries

For many years, problems from moisture in compressed air lines were simply tolerated as unavoidable. But you no longer have to endure these unnecessary, expensive and avoidable problems.

Original AVG have designed and manufactured the EXPEL compressed air water filter. This easy to fit unit continuously removes ALL liquids from compressed air systems, as well as solids down to 1 micron and the internals of the filter never need changing. The result is no more equipment failure or downtime because of wet and/or dirty air.

Expel offers a bespoke approach to compressed air filtration. It is the only compressed air water filter that can separate liquids and solid contaminants from a compressed air line with zero maintenance. We are aware that during routine inspections our customers may want to inspect Expel, so we have designed Expel so it can easily be dismantled, cleaned and reassembled. Additionally, we have designed Expel with the concern for wastage in mind. Our Expel filter requires no replacement filter elements and has been manufactured so it is built to last, corrosion resistant and keeps ongoing costs and wastage to a minimum.

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