Food Industry

We finally have no water going to the guillotine. This is an excellent product.”

Chris Kosolowski, Bar Line Production Manager, Nutrition Group Plc.

Compressed air is a key utility supporting the food packaging, manufacturing and processing industries across the world. Compressed air has a wide range of applications across the food industry for instance bakeries use compressed air for blow off applications. Other segments use compressed air to clean containers before filling the containers with food, or to sort, shape and/or cut food products. No matter what the compressed air application in this industry is, it is essential that the air is free of contaminants to ensure the protection of the food products processed in each facility.

The U.K. Code of Practice for Food-Grade Air (which is adopted in most countries) helps define three types of compressed air systems and air purification specifications required for each. The Code defines three specific types of compressed air systems in the food industry; systems with direct contact with food, non-contact high-risk, and non-contact low-risk.

By working alongside many food processors and manufactures we have identified many problems from this industry caused by liquid and solid particulate contaminates in compressed air lines across all three types of compressed air systems and have created a solution to eliminate this problem for companies, making them much more efficient and competitive.

Robotic equipment is extremely sensitive to any liquids, dirt or dust that can enter through compressed air lines. These contaminants are the cause of huge and costly problems including food wastage, experience frequent and expensive part replacement, faulty operation, and production downtime.
Robotic equipment is expensive, you need an air compressor filter dryer you can trust and protects your pneumatic equipment to the highest standard. Expel will provide you with the level of protection needed by removing the source of the problem. By removing ALL liquids and solid particulates down to 1 micron Expel stops part replacement, production downtime, faulty operation and food wastage costs.
Moisture causes solenoid valves to fail which can lead to serious consequences. For example, if a solenoid in a water treatment plant were to fail, this would result in the effluent being discharged outside the parameters which the law in most countries across the world allows.

Expel stops solenoid valves failing because of water and other particulates contaminating compressed air lines down to 1 micron. This will ensure the smooth operation of solenoids, eliminating the risk of violating waste regulations and Local Authority byelaws.

Blow-off applications can contaminate food products with harmful bacteria if compressed air is not prepared properly. Moisture encourages the growth of bacteria and when this bacteria comes into contact with food it contaminates it, making it unsuitable to sell and generates wastage.

Additionally, damp and dirty compressed air causes internal corrosion of the jet nozzles, decreasing their life-cycle and adding to your costs.

The solution is to eliminate water and all other liquids and solid particulates from compressed air lines before they enter your pneumatic equipment.

By installing an Expel air compressor filter dryer at point of use means that this problem will be eradicated. This will enable you to save money, make your site more efficient and reduce your wastage.

How can Expel help the food industry?

At Original AVG our dedicated team have created EXPEL, a solution that addresses the problems that the food industry has been having with their compressed air lines.

Original AVG has designed and manufactured the EXPEL filter. This easy to fit air compressor filter dryer continuously removes ALL liquids from compressed air systems, as well as solids down to 1 micron and the internals of the filter NEVER need changing. The result is no more pneumatic equipment failure or downtime because of wet and dirty air.

Expel is the perfect compressed air filter for food industry applications. It is the only compressed air filter that can separate liquids and solid contaminants from a compressed air line with zero maintenance. We are aware that during routine inspections our customers may want to inspect Expel, so we have designed Expel so it can easily be dismantled, cleaned and reassembled. Additionally, we have designed Expel with the concern for wastage in mind. Our Expel filter requires no replacement filter elements and has been manufactured so it is built to last and is corrosion resistant to keep ongoing costs and wastage to a minimum.


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