“We looked at a dryer but the Expel was much more competitive and you didn’t have the running costs of electricity and servicing costs, so it was much more efficient.”

Stephen Harrison, Production Manager, Crime Rigg Quarry

Fed up with water causing downtime and equipment failure? We have the solution!

Fed up with paying for a refrigerant dryer? An EXPEL compressed airline filter will enable you to turn them off!

Compressed air is the lifeblood of many aggregate processes – for example, it controls valves and actuators in asphalt plants or pneumatic vibrators on the side of silos in concrete and mortar plants. For quarries, asphalt and concrete plants, water in compressed air lines usually leads to equipment failure, production downtime and increased maintenance.

An EXPEL compressed air line filter can eliminate all problems caused by water in compressed airlines.

For example, this includes problems like:

  • Solenoid valves failing
  • Issues with water freezing in compressed air lines (from a burner, for instance).
  • Pneumatic vibrators on the side of silos getting clogged
  • If the solenoid valve on the bin door fails, the door will stick which can affect your weighing systems accuracy.

  • This will inevitably cause damage to the internal parts of the machinery. This can result in faulty operation of controls and costly repairs. The addition of antifreeze lube oil only makes the corrosion worse.

  • This can be extremely damaging to the storage silos causing bridging and ratholing and even the caving of a silo container.

If you are experiencing any of these problems, Expel can help!

How can an EXPEL compressed airline filter solve these problems?

At Original AVG our dedicated team have created a solution that addresses the problems that the aggregate industry has been having with compressed air lines for years.

Original AVG have designed and manufactured the EXPEL filter. This easy to fit unit continuously removes ALL liquids from compressed air systems, as well as solids down to 1 micron and the internals of the filter never need changing. The result is no more equipment failure or downtime because of wet and/or dirty air.

Expel offers a bespoke approach to compressed air filtration. It is the only compressed airline filter that can separate liquids and solid contaminants from a compressed air line with zero maintenance. We are aware that during routine inspections our customers may want to inspect Expel, so we have designed Expel so it can easily be dismantled, cleaned and reassembled. Additionally, we have designed Expel with the concern for wastage in mind. Our Expel filter requires no replacement filter elements and has been manufactured so it is built to last and is corrosion resistant to keep ongoing costs and wastage to a minimum.

Take a look at what some of our customers think about our Expel filter:

“We looked at a dryer but the Expel was much more competitive and you didn’t have the running costs of electricity and servicing costs, so it was much more efficient.”

Stephen Harrison

Production Manager, Crime Rigg

“We install Expel before every valve and solenoid, in the past we put them just after the compressor. We know where to put them and how to get the best out of them.”

Stephen Jones

Workshop Manager, North East Breedon sites

Want to know how an Expel compressed airline filter can make your company more efficient?

Take a look at the brochure below to find out more information about the problems Expel can solve, installation guidelines and frequently asked questions. Alternatively, feel free to contact us directly for more information.

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