Why buy EXPEL

Removes 99.9999% liquid condensate, liquid oil (or oil / water emulsion mix) and solid particles down to 1 micron

The Expel filter is a unique, patent-protected compressed air filter, and is designed to remove all (99.9999%) liquid water, emulsion fluids (oil & water mix) and solid particulates down to 1 micron from a compressed air line.

EXPEL is the worlds first 1 micron compressed air filter, capable of removing such a high level of liquids and solid particulates that can be taken apart, cleaned and reassembled. Typically, you would require at least three conventional compressed air filters to achieve the same air quality as one Expel filter.

1 micron compressed air filter
EXPEL requires no mains power or consumables. It is virtually maintenance free apart from requiring frequent draining on manual models. We recommend fitting an Auto-Drain to remove the necessity for frequent manual draining.

We supply a range of autodrains to suit your requirements so please get in contact if you are unsure on what type of drain you may require.

• Worlds first cleanable, reusable 1 micron compressed air filter

• No ongoing consumable costs

• No increase in pressure drop caused by contaminated filters

• No power source required

• Significantly reduced life cycle costs

• Easy to install & maintain

• Instantaneous recovery from pulsed flows or stop start

• All spare parts available

• Fully dismantlable

• No decrease in performance over lifetime of a well maintained filter

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