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12500 Air Quality

The older ISO 8573 Air Quality standard is serving the industry well by raising end user awareness of how to measure and define the quality of compressed air used. Using this, the end-user can make educated decisions as to the filtration performance required to generate a certain quality level.

ISO 8573 does not however address how manufacturers are to test and rate the filters they produce. The playing field is not level and consumers have become very confused.

The new ISO 12500 filter standard addresses this issue and establishes how manufacturers test and rate compressed air filters.


The ISO standard is a document that provides requirements, specifications, guidelines or characteristics that can be used consistently to ensure that products, processes and services are fit for their purpose.


ISO International Standards ensure that products are safe, reliable, tested and of good quality to ensure that all our products meet and International Standards.


ISO8573 test methods were primarily developed to verify air quality in a compressed air system, not test purification / filter products. Not all products claiming compliance with the ISO 8573 standards are tested in the same way. They contain a major omission, one which makes comparison and selection of compressed air filters extremely difficult for the user.

The ISO 12500 is designed to clear up this confusion and apply test standards to benefit air treatment manufacturers (such as EXPEL) by providing the means to commercially separate filter products through certifiable performance. Presenting product data in this way should allow users to easily compare the performance of purification products from different manufacturers and cost effectively meets the air quality requirements of their application.

The standard defines critical performance parameters that will deliver certifiable filter performance information suitable for comparative purposes. ISO 12500 is a multi-part standard.

ISO 12500-1 – Testing of filters for oil aerosol removal performance
ISO 12500-2 – Testing quantifies vapour removal capacity of adsorption filters
ISO 12500-3 – Testing for solid contaminant removal
ISO 12500-4 – Testing of water-removal efficiency and operational pressure drop

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