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The AVG MAG-Drain removes condensate from compressed air filters. The operation is automatic and there is no compressed air lost during the condensate discharge cycle.

The AVG MAG-Drain uses magnetic forces to operate the direct acting valve assembly and is ideally suited in applications where power is not available, too expensive or not reliable.

The magnets have been specially selected to ensure that long lasting magnetism is guaranteed.


  •          Extremely compact!
  •          Ultra lightweight, weighing only 0.95 kilo.
  •          Condensate discharge of all filters regardless of size or capacity.
  •          Clever servicing feature.
  •          Many compressed air filters are equipped with unreliable float type drains, replace them with a reliable AVG MAG-Drain.
  •          Personal branding opportunities are available.


  •          Zero air loss during the condensate discharge.
  •          No electricity required to operate the drain.
  •          Magnetically operated, long life magnets applied.
  •          Operating pressure range is 0 to 16 bar.
  •          Direct acting valve with FPM (Viton) seals.
  •          Robust corrosion resistant aluminium housing finished with an Electrophoretic coating.
  •          The direct acting valve is serviceable.
  •          Bottom (outlet) can be rotated 360 degrees for installation simplicity.
Material (Housing) Corrosion resistant aluminium, EP coating
Max. Filter Capacity Unlimited
Max. Drainage Ccapacity 200 litres condensate per hour | 53 gallons per hour
Pressure Range 0 – 16 bar | 0 – 230 psi
Valve Type 2/2 way, direct acting
Valve Seals FPM
Inlet Connections 1/2" (BSP or NPT)
Outlet Connection 1/8” BSP
Inlet Height 10 cm | 4”
Medium Temperature 1 – 50 °C | 34 – 122 °F
Ambient Temperature 1 – 50 °C | 34 – 122 °F
Serviceable Valve Yes


Installation & Maintenance

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AVG MAG Drain Animation


AVG MAG Drain Animation