Customer Feedback

“My fitters couldn’t believe it, Expel seemed too good to be true”

Mark Henderson – Maintenance Manager

“Expels were put in to protect a bitumen selector valve and an air-controlled dust valve that suffered from water damage. We now have no issues and are extremely happy with Expel.”

Jason Fairbrother – Plant Manager

“Expel has made a massive difference, I’m really impressed with it”.

Jason Etheridge – Plant Manager

“Low maintenance – really really good, we are very happy with it”.

Ben Pearce – Plant Manager

“Since installing Expel approximately four months ago, they have not changed a single solenoid valve.” 

Craig Bruce – Electrical Engineer

“I’m extremely excited to see the results of this product, impressed wasn’t the word”

Dean Copping – Asphalt Plant Manager

“Refrigerant dryers are a lot more expensive than Expel and not easy to maintain, I can’t maintain a dryer myself, whereas we can maintain Expel ourselves”.

Steve Pointon – Operations Manager

“We tested the Expel filter in a side-by-side test against a standard filter and the Expel was far more effective at protecting our equipment.”

Ashley Bowyer – Preventative Maintenance Engineer

“We’ve got one in the workshop, and it is working REALLY well”

Calum Barnett – Interim Mechanical Maintenance Manager

“Expel is much more energy and cost efficient than a refrigerant dryer”

Stephen Harrison – Production Manager

“We are really pleased with Expel and are looking at getting more units installed across more of our sites”

Stephen Jones – Workshop Manager

“The Expel is doing its thing”

Adrian Powley – Maintenance Supervisor

“I like that there is a 10-year guarantee as we know if anything goes wrong it can be replaced”

Craig Gowland – Relief Manager

“I couldn’t believe the amount of moisture Expel removed”

Paul Nicholson – Operations Manager

“The air dryer was ineffective, and there would be moisture in the air lines after the dryer causing lots of problems. Moisture was even more of an issue in winter.” 

Alexandru Flocea – Operations Manager – Ready-Mix Concrete.

“We used to get water after the old filter; we’ve not had any since installing your Expel.” 

Matt Fawsitt – Engineering Manager

“When we tapped the pipe, we’d hear the ice rattling up the pipe, but nothing got through the Expel system supplied by yourselves and the conveyors were fine.”

Mick Abbott – Maintenance Manager

“Dryer had failed while running the test and the Expel passed the test”

Duncan Whitbread – Brewing Engineering Manager

“The pneumatic side of the of the filling valves were getting hydraulically locked, so they would stay open causing huge product wastage. Eventually, they all settled down when Expel was installed”.

Dean Butterworth – Reliability Engineering Manager

“We finally have no water going to the guillotine. It is an excellent product.”

Chris Kosolowski – Bar Line Production Manager

“We installed Expel on our Multivac machine, which used to get moisture in the solenoid valves. We have not suffered since!”

Ben Whiteley – Shift Engineer

“Some lines were having bad problems and we wanted to see the effect Expel was having, and it has, it’s had a REALLY positive effect, so we are going to start fitting more of them.”

Paul Wyatt – Maintenance Manager

“Moisture would cause the valves to stick, we have had no issues with this since installing Expel. Very impressed.”

Oliver Loughram – Engineering Co-ordinator

“All problems by centri area sorted”

Matthew Vaughan-Williams – Engineering Manager

“Proof is in the pudding and Expel worked. I am really impressed”.

Mark Gibson – Maintenance Supervisor

“People were quoting us thousands of dollars in repair costs as well as proposing the installation of a whole new air system”.

Matt Monte – Tyre Shop Owner

“Expel has had a big impact”.

Trevor Standeven – General Manager

“The air dryer broke down and there was lots of water in the system, and this definitely saved the company a lot of money”

Rob Pooler – Maintenance Engineering Manager

“Expel has been taking the water out our lines. We installed them on the slicing lines, they are working well and we are very happy.”

Robert Henzell – High Risk Engineering Manager


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